• AIR Act Regains Momentum

    Bill to reform CMS’s out-of-control audit program adds more congressional co-sponsors. 11/19/2014


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Respiratory Management

October 2014 Respiratory ManagementThis special supplement brings you:

  • Respiratory Outlook
  • Rethinking Respiratory Retail
  • Medtrade's Sleep & Oxygen Offerings

Latest Features

  • Problem Solvers

    Creating the Retail Experience

    Providers have been rapidly pushing into retail sales to drive revenue in the face of declining Medicare and private payor reimbursement. But retail has a culture and a “feel” all its own. How can providers can create “retail experience” that will get customers and patients to buy? 11/01/2014

  • Business Solutions
    HME retail revenue

    Getting Retail Rolling

    Like a speeding racecar, the value cash sales offers for bolstering the bottom line gathers momentum with every second. We offer 12 techniques retail veterans and newbies alike can use to rev up their revenue. 10/01/2014

  • Problem Solvers

    Staying in the Game

    Diabetes providers face a number of formidable challenges, but they can stay in the game, and also rise to the top through engaging with their patients. 10/01/2014

  • Industry Roundtable
    HME Provider trends and challenges

    Go Time for HME

    Members of HMEB's Editorial Advisory Board share their expert insights on key market and reimbursement trends that are directly impacting providers, as well as business and industry initiatives on which providers must act. 10/01/2014

  • Observation Deck

    Ensuring Access via the CRT Act

    A rehab supplier's view of why H.R. 942 and S. 948 are vitally important. 10/01/2014

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Featured Medtrade Products

Balanced Aire Non-Powered Self Adjusting Convertible Mattress

Balanced Aire Non-Powered Self Adjusting Convertible Mattress

Twelve (12) tri-laminated foam filled air cells redistribute pressure in 5 body zones. The Balanced Aire mattress provides superior comfort and helps heal even stage III and IV pressure ulcers by independently self-adjusting - no power needed. This group 2 support surface, HCPCS codes E0373, boasts a heel slope, a 5 year warranty and has a 500 pound weight cap. An alternating pressure pump can be added, changing the HCPCS code to E0277.

Drive Medical Design & Mfg.

Diabetic Shoes

superior diabetic shoes

Orthofeet is offering superior diabetic shoes, which combine attractive designs with innovative features:

  • Tie-Less Lacing System
  • Easy Slip-On
  • Two-Way Strap System
  • Stretchable Uppers
  • Seamless Interior Lining
  • Ergonomic Stride soles
  • Advanced Prefab & Custom diabetic inserts

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