Respiratory Management

March 2015 Respiratory ManagementThis special supplement brings you:

  • Bracing for the Re-Compete
  • The State of Oxygen Satisfaction
  • Bridging the Gap Between Care and Cost

Latest Features

  • Editor's Note

    Taking ICD-10 Action

    The most pertinent of those requirements today should be ICD-10, but many providers still don’t know what it is. Fortunately, there's help. 08/01/2015

  • Business Solutions
    patient data

    A Measured Approach

    Today's healthcare market is focused on driving down costs while improving outcomes. Concurrently, information technology has given providers reams of patient data. How can providers use this data to advance in the new healthcare landscape? 08/01/2015

  • Observation Deck

    Identifying DME Deficiencies

    On-site visits from accrediting organization The Compliance Team help shed some light on deficiencies that DMEPOS providers commonly share and how they should address them. 08/01/2015

  • 2015 HME Handbook

    How to Document Patient Satisfaction as Part of Accreditation

    While there might be an accreditation requirement to do so, documenting patient satisfaction, simply makes good business sense, because it give provides with the kind of information they can use to improve outcomes and win over referral partners. 06/01/2015

  • 2015 HME Handbook

    How to Use a Buying Group or MSO Membership to Keep Pace with Market Changes

    MSOs play a much broader role in the HME industry than group purchasing. With an MSO, a provider can leverage educational services, webinars, conferences, networking opportunities and a multiplicity of other benefits. 06/01/2015

Current Issue

Product Showcase

Fast Freeze: Naturally cool topical analgesic

Fast Freeze

Alternative to pain medication delivering soothing, penetrating pain relief. Helps treat sore muscles, joints, backaches and arthritis. Natural ingredients include menthol, Aloe, Ilex and Vitamin E. Available in two colorless formulas – Gel with 3.5% menthol, and Spray with 10% menthol for a more intense treatment. Available individually, in cases or as part of a POP display.

DJO Global
(800) 226-4799

GRIP Solutions Non-Slip Products

GRIP Solutions

GRIP Solutions is a new product line of mobility accessories and daily living aids with an exclusive non-slip design. These unique non-slip products are the perfect complement to many standard DME items including power & manual wheelchairs, walkers, and rollators. GRIP Solutions products simplify daily living for the user and make a great addition to any showroom.

Grip Solutions
(800) 401-1074

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