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October 2014 Respiratory ManagementThis special supplement brings you:

  • Respiratory Outlook
  • Rethinking Respiratory Retail
  • Medtrade's Sleep & Oxygen Offerings

Latest Features

  • Problem Solvers

    Face-to-face: Are You Ready?

    Face-to-face remains an unknown. No one knows when — let alone if — enforcement will ultimately happen, but the rule has past its implementation date. How should providers prepare? 01/01/2015

  • Observation Deck

    The Changing Nature of 'Seniors'

    Baby boomers are redefining what it is to be a senior. This means that HME providers and manufacturers alike must learn how to reach this important demographic. 01/01/2015

  • Provider Strategy

    Addressing the 'New Normal'

    If audits are now "just a part of doing business," then providers need to consider outsourcing their audit and appeal workload. How do they consider the options available to them? 01/01/2015

  • Editor's Note

    Legislation Is a Process

    The American legislative process is anything but linear, and a bill winds up representing much more than a one-time piece of legislation – it becomes an investment. 01/01/2015

  • Business Solutions
    Competitive Bidding

    Head-on Competitive Bidding Collision

    As the Round Two re-compete thunders down the tracks, HME providers scramble both in terms of their legislative response and in preparing their bids. 01/01/2015

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