• Bidding Could Save N.Y. Medicaid Millions

    HHS OIG report recommends Empire State's Medicaid agency implement competitive bidding across 54 DME items; estimates state could have saved $8.9 million during 2011 and 2012 if it had. 02/19/2015


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Respiratory Management

October 2014 Respiratory ManagementThis special supplement brings you:

  • Respiratory Outlook
  • Rethinking Respiratory Retail
  • Medtrade's Sleep & Oxygen Offerings

Latest Features

  • Provider Strategy

    Mastering the Balancing Act

    HME providers often consider patient management services to keep patients on therapy and increase resupply revenue. For many providers, the decision often comes to a head when manual processes aren’t keeping up with patient needs, and that is where automation can be a game-changer. 02/01/2015

  • Business Solutions
    retail showrooms

    Best in Showroom

    Providers across the industry have been breaking into retail sales, but they can’t truly become a cash sales success story until they have created a showroom that can do the selling for them. What goes into creating the right retail sales space? From site selection, to signage, to displays, we interview experts to examine what providers need to do to create a winning retail showroom. 02/01/2015

  • Observation Deck

    Setting the Stage for Success

    Over the next year, many providers will consider moving away from a predominantly Medicare-based business model to a more integrated approach. To navigate 2015’s rapidly changing landscape, providers must think differently about how they run their business. Here are five solid, strategic approaches to a fruitful 2015. 02/01/2015

  • Products & Technology

    Countdown to ICD-10: Are you Ready?

    CMS has set Oct. 1, 2015 as the compliance date for all Medicare stakeholders to comply with the latest version of the World Health Organization’s classification system for diseases and related health problems. Are providers ready? From the front end to the back end of the business, we look at what are the key ways providers need to ensure they will be entirely prepared for implementation. 02/01/2015

  • The Tip of the Spear

    Competitive bidding’s negative impacts are all too real, and strong reason to keep fighting. 01/29/2015

Current Issue

Product Showcase

Motivo Reinvents Walkers


The Motivo Tour provides greater independence, ergonomics and personal style. The stow-away seat design allows users to walk inside and upright, as opposed behind it and hunched over. Convenience features include a flip-out tray with cup holders, accessible storage, and easy folding for transport. Lightweight, modern design allows for customization with multiple colors and removable graphics. Join the Motivo team today and become a dealer.

(414) 235-9409

TIMS Software

TIMS Software

TIMS Software, developed by Computers Unlimited, delivers an all-in-one solution. From intake and inventory management to revenue cycle operations and financial reporting, TIMS helps you gain control of your business. Features include claims, reimbursement, denial management, rental equipment billing, barcoding, EDI, drop shipping, document imaging, business intelligence and APIs.

Computers Unlimited
(406) 255-9500

Bell-Horn Pull-It™

Bell-Horn Pull-It

The Bell-Horn Pull-It™ (PN #99505) is an ultra comfortable, universal back support featuring: rigid panels for the ultimate lower back support, a dynamic pulley fitting system, one-handed tightening and loosening, lightweight and breathable mesh material and a low profile design. This product will sell itself the minute a customer tries it on. Available individually, or as part of a planogram.

DJO Global
(800) 226-4799

GRIP Solutions Non-Slip Products

GRIP Solutions

GRIP Solutions is a new product line of mobility accessories and daily living aids with an exclusive non-slip design. These unique non-slip products are the perfect complement to many standard DME items including power & manual wheelchairs, walkers, and rollators. GRIP Solutions products simplify daily living for the user and make a great addition to any showroom.

Grip Solutions
(800) 401-1074

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